The DI6-3 Drive-In Mixer passively sums the 6-channel outputs of modern D-to-A converters and provides a stereo output suitable for drive-in theatre sound systems.  An extra mono output can be used to feed lobby sound systems.

The base model ships with a rack-mount front panel and no I/O cables.

We offer the mixer in bundled kits, with cables optimized for different cinema processors and D-to-A's:


Each kit contains the following:

* The DI6-3 Passive Drive In Mixer.

* A 3-foot input feed cable, optimized for use with various processors or Digital-to-Analog converters.

* A 3-foot stereo RCA cable, to connect the output of the DI6-3 to the input of an FM transmitter.

NOTE:  The kits do NOT include the rack-mount front-panel, which is available for separate purchase.











Other kits are available for other “legacy” cinema processors, with the appropriate cable to connect the processor to the mixer input.

Sold Separately:

  • DI-FrontPanel    1-RU panel with hardware for DI6-3 rack mounting


Also available: 

  • Output DB25 boards for older CP's such as the CP55, CP65 and USL-JS series card-cage processors.  

These convert the old-style screw-terminal outputs of the older CP's to "THX" DB25 output connectors for cleaner/quicker hookup.

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The DIDM Series boards “down-mix” 5.1 analog audio from cinema processors and digital-to-analog converters, to

a stereo signal suitable for feeding FM transmitters.  


These “in-line” boards plug directly into the analog output connector of the processor or D-to-A.  


The analog stage and surround channels of the sending unit are passively summed to form a 2-channel stereo output. 


More precisely: Center and Left Surround channels are mixed to the Left output, while Center and Right Surround channels are mixed to the Right output.  The Subwoofer channel is not processed.


The RCA output connectors can then be connected to the stereo input of most FM transmitters, via standard RCA cables.

for most D-to-A converters (Odyssey 4XD2A, DAX-602, ECI-60, DMA8 and DMA8-Plus)
for most modern processors with the "THX" output pinout (CP650, CP750, JSD-80 and others)
board fits on the back of the Dolby/Doremi AUD-D2A
for Gefen Pro series scalers
board fits on the back of processors with TASCAM outputs, such as the CP950
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